Sprytech Ltd is an AI, Blockchain and Cyber Security technology company founded by experienced technocrats who have many years of industry experience across the globe.

We help customers to evaluate and implement emerging AI and Blockchain technology in their business domains like Supply Chain, IOT, Retail, Manufacturing, Telecom etc. by identifying the relevant use cases suitable for AI and Blockchain applications.

Our complete managed cybersecurity service covers everything your business needs to enhance its security position. We provide organisations of all sizes with a defined set of security controls, cost-effective, basic cyber security protection from the most prevalent cyber threats. We use a layered security solution, threat intelligence and security measures tailored to your business. Using risk management, our analysts can reduce the likelihood of anyone gaining unauthorized access to your sensitive information.

Our Services

The Sprytech ecosystem offers several blockchain-powered tools for cybersecurity professionals. The team of specialists at Sprytech deploy cutting-edge technologies including the blockchain to provide a range of services. By coordinating their in-house team with a "crowd" of third-party security experts, Sprytech is able to address the respective problems of their users on a highly-personalized level.

Artificial Intelligence

Our deep industry expertise combined with advanced analytics, automation and AI services helps you operate with agility from front office to back office.The most transformative era in business is happening right now. Innovators, entrepreneurs and forward-thinking.

Blockchain Technology

With our Blockchain Technology development services, we are looking to optimize different business cases with Blockchain technology and explore the opportunity of developing a tailored made solution to suit specific requirements by diving deep into Blockchain Technology.

Cyber Security

We take care of your entire security infrastructure. Our managed IT security service includes assessing your entire network for weaknesses, before designing, configuring, supporting and proactively monitoring the integrity of your network.

Why Sprytech?



We have provided services to FTSE 100 clients in UK and across Europe in retail, transport, telecom and finance services industry.

We work to enrich ourselves and those around us through knowledge, experience, and opportunity. Our success is fuelled by strong teamwork internally and externally. We foster a positive and open working environment that encourages supporting one another, working together to achieve the best possible results, and celebrating successes.

We take responsibility for our actions, interactions, and reactions. Our ability to develop and grow together and as individuals is key to our success as a business.


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