Pharmachain is a Blockchain solution designed to help overcome some of the key challenges associated with the traceability of legitimate pharmaceutical drugs by providing an End to End secure platform for sharing and accessing Supply Chain and Product data.



In today's world where the manufacture and supply of goods is connected via supply chains, counterfeit products are exponentially increasing with the increase in sales.

Counterfeit Drugs is a significant issue facing those involved in the manufacture, supply and consumption of Pharmaceutical Drugs across the world. Counterfeit Drugs, along with having a financial impact on stakeholders involved in the supply chain can negatively affect the health of the end consumer, thus making this a major global issue.

Manufacturers risk losing credibility with an impact to their reputation, as well as affecting their revenue through loss in sales of their genuine products.

According to the World Health Organisation;

  • The global pharmaceutical marketplace is worth an estimated £420 billion per year.
  • 10-15% of this marketplace consists of Counterfeit Drugs.
  • The Pharmaceutical Industry loses nearly £60 billion a year due to counterfeit drugs.

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