We have better understanding of various DLT platforms and it helps us to support the developer community by contributing to their tools, libraries and frameworks. These are required to interact with the dApps or IDE environment for development and testing purpose.

We support development on

  • Visual Studio Code or Professional
  • Remix IDE
  • Ethereum Studio
  • Identity Management Solution for Hedera
  • Metamask
  • Web3.js & Web3j


We improve your operations and processors by deploying ML algorithms created by us within your software solutions.

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Spryetch has successfully developed a Visual Studio Code IDE extension for Atlas City's Catalyst Network- This extension provides some simple templates using which developers can build solidity smart contracts. This extension allows developer to create VS Code project workspace using solidity smart contract template files.

Sprytech can provide you the best support If you are developing new blockchain or DLT platform and need tools, libraries and framework development.


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