Sprytech Ltd is an AI, Blockchain and Cyber Security technology company founded by experienced technocrats who have many years of industry experience across the globe. We offer cutting-edge emerging technology services including Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain products and technology services and Cyber security services to protect and grow your business in the digital age.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Today we help customers in every industry capitalize on advancements in AI, and we will continue embedding AI technologies like machine learning and deep learning in solutions across the Sprytech portfolio.

Blockchain Technology Services

With our Blockchain Technology development services, we are looking to optimize different business cases with Blockchain technology and explore the opportunity of developing a tailored made solution to suit specific requirements by diving deep into Blockchain Technology.

Blockchain Products & Solutions

The simplest blockchain definition? A reliable, difficult-to-hack record of transactions and of who owns what. Blockchain is based ondistributed ledger technology, which securely records information across a peer-to-peer network.


Designed to overcome some of the key challenges associated with the traceability of legitimate pharmaceutical drugs.

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Tools- For Blockchain development

Identity solutions and development tools for Catalyst Network, Ethereum, Hedera Hashgraph, Hyperledger, R3 Corda

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Pharmachain Vs cards quickapply Venus

Quick Apply- Loan Management System

Application for secure digital lending to the masses.

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IOT Solutions- For range of verticals

Deliver the best blockchain based IoT (Internet of Things) service and solutions.

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Cyber Security

We take care of your entire security infrastructure. Our managed IT security service includes assessing your entire network for weaknesses, before designing, configuring, supporting and proactively monitoring the integrity of your network.

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